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Cardio Boxing Classes

Class Description

Cardio Boxing classes at Fight Ready offer members 16 years and older another fun and effective workout that burns 800+ calories per/hour. Cardio Boxing offers a high intensity, cardiovascular workout that combines basic boxing techniques and dynamic conditioning exercises. It is similar to Cardio Kickboxing, but without the kicks.

Our Cardio Boxing classes enable Fight Ready members to get an intense full-body workout while engaging in a dynamic, fun learning environment. Other benefits of Cardio Boxing include weight loss, increased stamina, stress relief, increased physical strength, better mental focus and improvements to your overall health.

What sets our Cardio Boxing Classes apart?

he way Fight Ready classes are structured, you feel as though you have your own personal trainer. Our Cardio Boxing instructors are professionals who understand the technical details behind every punch—from the very basic to the most advanced techniques used at the professional level. Our instructors don’t just stand at the front of the gym and shout punch combinations, they walk around and give each student individualized attention to ensure, not only a physical progression occurs, but a technical one too.

Students learn to use functional boxing techniques used by professional fighters through a combination of heavy bag work and partner drills.

During partner drills, qualified Fight Ready instructors demonstrate boxing combinations and proper technique prior to each round, and then students execute the combinations for a round or series of rounds. Members also tackle dynamic conditioning exercises between rounds when instructed to keep their minds focused and their muscles challenged.

Whether you want to lose weight, learn self-defense, or get in the best shape of your life, Fight Ready Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness has a program that fits your needs!