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Frankie Saenz

What Frankie Says About His Group Classes

I teach Technical Striking and MMA classes at Fight Ready. In both classes, I like to incorporate Dutch-style drilling, which is a great way to learn range and distance. The Dutch-style drills also help people learn how to counter well, and helps people set up different combinations. I’m very excited about the MMA classes. They are growing, and I would love to put some more fighters on the map.

Life Outside of the Gym

I currently work with the EAFL Elite Amateur Fight League as a commentator, and I am growing to love this venture. After my fighting career is over, I see a great future in sitting cage-side and calling fights. If I can’t be in the cage, what better place is there than to be next to it calling the fights? I currently live in Scottsdale with my fiancé Lena, our 5-year-old daughter Laila, my boy Kasen, and our dog Cali. I love spending time with family especially on the beach. My hobbies include MTN bike riding and hot yoga.