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Roman Salazar

What Roman Says About His Group Classes

As a fighter, I consider myself to be more of a striker, so it’s no surprise that I mostly teach striking classes! I like to focus on high-intensity group workouts that push everyone to their limits. A typical group class might start with some running/jogging to get the heart rate up, followed by calisthenics and stretching. After that, we will probably pair up and do partner pad drills (one person punches/kicks while the other person holds pads, then they would switch roles), and then finish with some conditioning to make sure that everyone goes home nice and tired.

What Roman Says About His One-On-One Training

During one-on-one sessions, I definitely have the time to focus more on technique. Group classes are a great start, but if someone really wants to sharpen their skills, one-on-one time is the best. But just because we work more technique, doesn’t mean my one-on-one clients won’t get a good cardio burn in, as I also focus a lot on high intensity strength workouts, as well as high volume mitt work to those looking to shed some pounds and tone up.

Life Outside of the Gym

Outside the gym, I’m a father and husband. Everything I do is for my family, as they are my main motivation, which pushes me to try to be better at everything I do. I really enjoy reading, and I have read every Harry Potter book more times than any human should. I love reading because it gives me an excuse to drink coffee all day and escape for a while. I enjoy a good documentary, too, because they help me keep my faith in humanity, helping me to remember that there’s so much going on out there besides just what social media and the news tells us.