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Wrestling Classes

Class Description

Fight Ready MMA and Fitness offers one of the most comprehensive wrestling programs in the valley. The wrestling program is led by world-class wrestler, Angel Cejudo, and focuses on every aspect of wrestling, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques.

Fight Ready’s comprehensive wrestling program is designed for year round training. 

Techniques taught in Fight Ready’s wrestling program vary depending on the season (Folk-style/collegiate vs Freestyle/Greco).

Fall Season: The Fall season is the best time to develop new skills, establish a strong base for conditioning, and work on timing before the school season begins. Fight Ready’s Fall wrestling classes focus primarily on folkstyle techniques. The purpose of these classes are to prepare our students for the high school or kids competitive seasons.

Winter Season: Fight Ready’s Winter wrestling classes focus on learning and reinforcing techniques and strategies, live wrestling, conditioning, and mental preparation, as the Winter season is one of the main competitive seasons for youth wrestlers, and prepares athletes for the upcoming State Tournaments.

Spring  and Summer Seasons: During the Spring and Summer seasons our wrestling classes focus on both freestyle and folkstyle techniques. The purpose of these classes are to help students improve their overall wrestling skills and prepare them for local, regional, and national tournaments.